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Quality data leads to a successful lead generation strategies. “Quality & Quantity” of prospect data impacts performance of your campaigns.

Database Solutions

Quality data leads to a successful lead generation strategies. “Quality & Quantity” of prospect data impacts performance of your campaigns. To begin with mostly the collected data is inaccurate or bogus. In such scenario often campaigns fail. Our experts study the campaign first, we check the collected data to ensure its accurate, no duplicates, redundant details, missing information and then cross check each and every record using email/phone/social media. We append, clean the current information for all the contacts and create sales ready leads. Depending upon your ideal business prospects definition, we build strong contacts lists and keep adding new contacts to your pipeline on regular basis. We Sale Leads plays the role of a trusted data partner for our clients at each stage of the data life cycle, ensuring that it is accurate, relevant and timely data is available to Sales and Marketing teams on a real-time basis.

Database collected from lead generation tools are often raw and useless unless verified and tagged for appropriate campaigns. This phase of lead database management is the crucial step in assuring the quality of leads generated. Lead database management is carried out by two methods. First being leads data screening, the second being leads data cleaning.

Leads data screening:

We ascertain that every lead generated is verified by our team so that quality and quantity of leads generated is useful for the client companies. To verify the leads data, our team makes use of strategies such as social networking, email marketing, phone verification etc, to name a few. With client customization, the necessary campaign is studied and lead data labeled accordingly. WeSaleLeads believes that good and accurate data gives the snapshot of the market situation for a niche company, provided the data generated is screened for the same niche. This is why the data screening team at WeSaleLeads uses all its available technological tools and talent pool, for arriving at right kind of niche data. Teams comprising of telemarketers, social network data extraction, and marketing professionals, work tirelessly adding missing information in leads data, appending contact list, so that at any instant, the marketing team has sale's ready data on real time basis, for client utilization. This makes WeSaleLeads, the most trusted data provider to our clients, in every stage of Leads Database Management.

Leads data cleaning:

Redundancies are removed and the database is cleaned according to the client specification. The outcome of this process is a lead ready for a suitable ad campaign. The leads data after the process of screening needs cleaning and follow up with marketing strategies, according to the client specification. During the screening procedure, redundant data and lead contacts which do not belong to the required niche are observed. This data must then be cleaned to merge with appropriate niche platform so that it can be used for the same. Erroneous data must be deleted, and screened data be standardized to arrive at quality leads which are tagged to particular campaign as per client requirements. This client customization followed up by our team makes WeSaleLeads the leading provider of data which is integrated, standardized and monitored via real-time internal and external sources.

Database Clean Up:

data quality solutions allow organizations to cleanse, correct and enhance any type of customer or prospect data – and create an accurate view of your organization, your customers and your business environment High-quality data is critical for success. Good data is the basis for solid business decisions. Having an accurate view of your organization, your customers and your business environment allows you to optimize profitability, mitigate risks and reduce costly operational inefficiencies.

To create high-quality data that is always available, We Sale Leads provides industry-leading data quality features and functionality, allowing you to create data services that standardize, correct and integrate data. We Sale Leads data solutions enable you to analyze, improve and control enterprise data and successfully address data quality issues, including the ability to: Profile data to discover errors, inconsistencies, redundancies and incomplete information. Correct, standardize and verify information across the enterprise from a single platform. Match, merge or link data from a variety of disparate sources. Enrich data using information from internal and external data sources. Check and control data integrity over time with real-time data monitoring, dashboards and scorecards


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